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Moses Hogan


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The Basics...

Moses Hogan was born in New Orleans, Louisina.Moses Hogan was one of the most sucessful pianists and conductors of all times. He graduated from NOCCA (New orleans center for creative arts) and also attended New York's Juillard School of music.

Hogan is known for his many achievments with his personal choir(Moses Hogan Chorale). He is also known for winning first place in the prestigious 28th Annual Kosciuszko Foundation Chopin Competition(a competition for concert pianists). Moses Hogan made some great misic for every one to enjoy. He has been an inspiration to many choral singers and conductors. Unfortunately he died of a brain tumor on Feb. 11, 2003, at he age of 45. I am very interested by the fact that he accomplished so much in his short lived life.~~I selected Moses Hogan for this project because he has inspired me as a singer and has acomplished so much, as i want to do.

At a Glance

Date of Birth:March 13,1957.
Education: graduate from NOCCA
Professional Role:concert pianist & conductor